A Potted History of “The First 150 Years”

Spring 1858
Initial meeting held in village hall by resident members of the craft.
Andrew Galloway MM from the Lodge of Kirkcaldie 72 called to the Chair.
Purpose of meeting: to make application to the Grand Lodge of Scotland for a Charter to constitute a lodge in Lochgelly.

8 June 1858
A subscription of one shilling per month to defray expenses was agreed by all present.

6 July 1858
1st office bearers were appointed including RWM The Right Honourable Lord Loughborough

12 May 1874
Lodge Minto left their hall in Hall Street to move into temporary accommodation at Bro James Smith’s pub (Bay Horse).  In January 1875, the Lodge moved to Co-op Hall at top of Bank Street.

13 Feb 1877
Co-op Hall destroyed by fire and all tools etc. of the Lodge destroyed.  Cost to replace £40.00 and Lodge moved temporarily back to James Smith’s pub!

8 Nov 1892
Entrance fee raised to £2 2s by 1958 (centenary) it had risen to £7 17s

29 Dec 1905
1st function in lodge – Festival of St John

19 May 1906
Lodge consecrated by PGL. Bro Henry Hilton Brown presided in place by Bro Colonel Cathcart PGL Master

2 Aug 1908
Golden Jubilee of Lodge Minto. Attendance of 300 (representing 22 lodges).

18 Sept 1920
Bro Lord Elgin unveiled Memorial Stone and Roll of Honour to those brethren lost in the Great War.

2 Sept 1951
Tablet added to the War Memorial to commemorate other brethren fallen on service “pro patria” engraved.

Introduction of regular golf matches between Minto and Lodge Trafalgar 223, Lodge Perth Royal Arch 122

Lodge Minto Social Club offered fantastic financial support to the lodge

From 1858 to the present
Lodge Minto has prospered through hard work and good leadership from the many RWMs, Secretaries and Treasurers with the dedicated support of the wife’s and partners of members.  Today Lodge Minto continues the good work of the predecessors and we hope to continue for many years to come.

RWM, Senior and Junior wardens with partners Annual Assembly Feb 2009
RWM, Senior and Junior wardens with partners at the Annual Assembly, February 2009.

Thanks to ex Provost Alex Sharp, J.P., and extracts from “Freemasonry in Lochgelly” by Alexander Westwater.