The Lodge meets every second and fourth Tuesday from September through to April. The Lodge tyles at 7pm ( except where shown). If you are interested in attending, please feel free to contact us.

Syllabus 2017

Apr 25th Mark Degree Tyle at 6.45pm

Sep 12th Memorial Sevice

Sep 26th Initiation

Oct 10th Passing

Oct 24th Raising

Oct 27th Halloween Party

Nov 3rd (Friday) Special meeting Passing by Lodge St John 540.

Nov 14th Initiation

Nov 28th Passing

Dec 10th Childrens Party at 14.00 hrs

Dec 12th Raising

Dec 16th (Saturday) Installation of office bearers

Syllabus 2018

Jan 9th Initiation

Jan 20th (Saturday) Lodge Burns' Supper

Jan 23rd Passing

Jan 24th - Jan 28th Lodge Visit to Krakow, Poland

Feb 13th Initiation & PGL Visitation

Feb 16th Annual assembly

Feb 23rd (Friday) Special meeting Perth Royal Arch 122

Mar 13th Raising

Mar 20th Special meeting Lodge Trafalgar 223

Apr 10th Raising

Apr 24th Mark Ceremonial









Provincial Grand Master Tom Bradley with Right Worshipful master Raymond Wilson Feb 2009
PM David Campbell.